AIM & Objectives

       It is aim of Nandha Matric higher secondary school to provide the best possible education to the students.

  1. To promote all round development of the child.
  2. To stimulate love of learning for a life time
  3. To develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion.
  4. To help the students to become a meaningful part of his environment 
  5. To develop the positive belief that every man has it in him to  produce Work and excel.
  6. To foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism.
  7. To impart the quality of the education
  8. To enable the student capable of the facing impediments in life efficiently.


         The school endeavors to provide a large and dedicated teaching staff with wide range of skills and interests, a varied and wide choice of activities such as academic, aesthetic and athletic, an environment enriched with the excitement of discovery, challenges and competitiveness and discipline based on the belief that responsibility comes before freedom.



      1. Regularity and punctuality

      2. Focus on G.K. and depth in subject

      3. Emphasizing for Learning, Speaking, Reading, Writing (LSRW) and Communicative skills (Spoken English and learn more languages)

      4. Environmental cleanliness

      5. Moral values